Not just another coin.
Introducing the cannabis ecosystem built on blockchain.

The Stellar blockchain based nezly token will be used in many different ways, from remittance with our cannabis exchange to consumer driven mobile apps, but it doesn't just stop there.





*$70 Million California State Licensed Early Stage Farm

Consulting from seed to sale

Supporting over 150+ licensed Cannabis Farmers in the United States and Canada

150+ Farmers Producing over $500 Million in cannabis

Nezly is set to be the most robust consumer cannabis app on the market. Search and buy cannabis products from participating dispensaries in the United States and get them delivered to your door, right from the Nezly app.

Cannabis Dispensary App
Using Nezly Cryptocurrency

Cannabis dispensaries and licensed cannabis sellers can now easily engage with their customers on the go. For those sellers who wish to offer delivery services, nezly makes it turn-key easy. Loaded with features, the nezly app is a must have for dispensaries looking to stay in-front of their local market.

  • Crypto Security

    High-level crypto security standards using Stellar's Consensus Protocol (SCP).

  • 5-10 Sec Transaction Speed

    Stellar transaction times are hundreds of times faster than Ethereum and can often appear to occur instantly.

  • 100% Accountability

    Built on the XLM Blockchain for 100% accountability with all transactions.

  • Nezly Token for Remmittence

    Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly adoptable. With Nezly tokens, high bank fees and credit card payment provider issues will soon be a thing of the past.

Nezly Token Pricing

Nezly Wallet Coming Soon!

When it comes to security and trust, the Nezly Wallet spares no technology to ensure the highest level possible.

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